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Pension Application for George Zimmer

S. 23507
State of New York
County of Schoharie
            SS (Subscribed and Sworn) On this thirtieth day of May in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-One, personally appeared before me, a justice of the peace, duly authorized to administer oaths, in and for the county and state aforesaid, George Zimmer, in the Eighty Sixth year of his age, a resident of the Town of Wright, county and state aforesaid, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath depose and say, that he was a soldier in the war of the revolution and served in Col. Peter Vrooman’s Regiment of which said regiment Peter Guilley (Ziele?) was Lieut, Col, Jost Becker was a Major or Lawrence Schoolcraft, sen. Was the Adjutant. 
           This deponent says to the best of his knowledge and present recollection he served in the year seventeen hundred and seventy-nine as a private soldier in a company then commanded by John Enders, ensign, John Schuyler and William Enders, Sergeants in this company.  This deponent served two months in the year 1779.  Also this deponent served one month in the Middle Fort in 1779.  This deponent thinks that Bartholomew Becker was either Ensign or Lieut. in Capt Richtmeyers Company in which said company his month’s duty was performed.
            This deponent saith further that in the year 1780, this deponent was a private in Capt. Christian Stuback’s Company in the Lower Fort at Schoharie, where he this deponent did duty as a private soldier and was employed in carrying dispatches from Col. Vrooman in the Lower Fort to the commanding officer in the Middle Fort. 
            This deponent saith that he performed duty in Capt. Sruback’s Co. aforesaid during the year 1780 for a period not less than four months and as a substitute for his brothers, Jacob and Peter Zimmer for a time exceeding four months in the year 1780.  His brothers Jacob and Peter Zimmer were privates in said Stuback’s Company.  This deponent saith that Capt. Stuback’s Company in 1780, were not all constantly on duty.  The company were put into classes to serve each class, so many weeks each excepting when he was on alarm in such case the whole company were called out in this manner.
            This deponent saith he served four months for himself and four months as a substitute for his brothers, Jacob and Peter Zimmer aforesaid in the year 1781.  This deponent saith that in the year 1781 aforesaid, he was constantly in the Lower Fort from early in the spring of the year to late in the fall of the same year – a member of Capt. Stuback’s Co. 
            This deponent saith further that in the year 1782 this deponent was from April to late in the fall of that year, in the stone house on stockade at Major Becker’s on duty as a private soldier in standing guard, and watching the enemy excepting from the above time about three weeks that this deponent was absent to Boston by leave of Major Becker. This deponent saith further that all of his old comrades in arms who knew of his service, such as Johannes Pickart, Ingold, Kniskern, Hilsinger, Geroge Belker, John Merkle, Lambert Sternbergh and many others are all dead.  This deponent saith further that he was often solicited by his comrades after the passage of the act granting pensions for militia service to apply for pension and that he this deponent did apply to Judge Elias Holliday who was then engaged in obtaining pensions for many who served in Col. Vrooman’s Regiment, Judge Holiday was then of opinion that to enable me, this deponent to obtain pension must have served at least six months in one continual tour of duty.  The matter thus dropped and this deponent has not until this time thought proper to make application.
            This deponent saith further that he never received any pay but once and that was for a small sum.  He this deponent was offered his regular pay by Col. Vrooman, and other officers, but refused to take it.  The money at that time had depreciated so much that this deponent refused to take it.
            This deponent saith further that he served in all for himself some eighteen months and as substitute for his brother Jacob Zimmer and Peter Zimmer and others about six months, and therefore makes application for pension under the act passed March 4th 1831 granting pensions to persons who served in the militia during the war of revolution.
(Signed) George Zimmer.
Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year above written (Signed) Lyman Baker Justice of the Peach.  And I do hereby certify that George Zimmer who subscribed and was sworn to the above declaration is a highly respectable citizen and do verily believe his statement to be true in all respects. (Signed) Lyman Baker
            Included in the pension papers is an application by his wife Margaret Zimmer for her husband’s pension, but it is not legible.


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